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I loved the hell out of this game, but I have a lore question.

There's multiple conversations with Angela, where she says if she used all her power it'd rip apart reality (I think, beat it a month ago), and when she dies, she's simply laying down in solidarity with the party.

When you fight the 27th and 68th arms of the Divine Order as part of the final conflict, why do they die? Couldn't they just... simply choose to continue fighting you forever? Or are they weak to the Sword of Fate or something? Or is Angela actually whipping them really, really hard during the conflict, and actually harming them in the process? Or do the superpower strength only apply to Angela because she's just built different

Specifically the reason Angela gives for holding back her power is "if I did not maintain the charade of normal human strength, the Divine Order would throw THEIR full strength at thy capture," which is true for long enough to make it to the confrontation with those two angels before the final boss. Past that, though, the party's just very tough themselves!

If you'd like a little bit more lore about the nature of the Divine Order, it comes up again in The Fate of Another World... and if we ever did get a chance to continue the game's story further from there, what it means for the Divine Order to throw its full strength at you is definitely near the top of the list of questions I'd love to answer.


I've got the game on Steam and tried asking there, but the forums are  surprisingly quiet. 

Does anyone know how can I bind the menu controls (arrows) to WASD and the Battle Menu to Tab? The settings allow to change character selection to WASD, but not the menu.

Also, is there an option for a more easily readable font? I've tried "Angel Fonts", but could not notice any difference.

The arrow keys cannot be remapped.

The only option for changing the font is to change the font angels use to match the normal dialogue font. No others can be changed.

Thank you for the information.

Could you please tell, do the dialogue options affect anything long-term? Is there only one ending? Does the general gameplay loop change significantly after Act 1?

Dialogue choices only affect conversations and there's only one ending.

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Thank you for the information.

Is there any chance for a "party attached the Sword of Fate to the car and rammed the mobs" mode or auto-resolving encounters where (party level => encounter level)AND(number of foes < 4)? In Act 3, the game was played by 1 macro (to activate all attacks and switch to the next set on repeat) and the only time when manual input was needed was with a Black Shirt and a Protect Me at level 8 and the input consisted of switching targets from the former to the latter after it was staggered (couldn't out-damage the healing otherwise).

If you don't want to fight an encounter, avoiding it is always an option!

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I might be missing some mechanics, but the car needs fuel and the party can be underlevelled for a boss battle, reliably leading to a defeat. Both, fuel and items, require ⛽P to get, thus encounters are not exactly avoidable but strongly encouraged (with Devil Clock on - late-game upgrades take quite a lot of materials), even if the only thing they consume is time.

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Hello again. 

I just wanted to say thank you for GITCL. 

I've finished the game and, if I may provide feedback, it would have been more enjoyable experience if it was a visual novel (the narrative, writing, and the story itself are good), even a kinetic one, or the combat and inventory management were limited to the boss battles. 

As is, GITCL lacked any form of roleplay or the player's agency (beyond the above-mentioned inventory management) to be anywhere close to RPGs (e.g. Pathfinder, Dragon Age, Baldur's Gate).

I loved this game so much, I had art of myself drawn in the Sword of Fate pose


We loved this game a ton, and it was actually in our very first stream! Love the battle system and writing so much, easily one of the best games we played in 2021:

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A year later, this is simply one of the best games I've ever played. The story, the characters, the symbolism... all immensely good. Made me laugh, cry, love life


These screens are so unbelievably charming!!!


I've been watching my friend Robin stream this game (the perfect and most savage game for pride month 2022), and it's wonderful in so many ways. 

If possible, could you release an artbook? I really want to spend some more time with the postcards and all of the beautiful pixel art, and I'd love to hear your thoughts about the design process (if you want and can). 

Regardless, thank you for making this game!


Price raise?! Hell yes. I'm halfway through, and it's worth WAY more than ten bucks. Bought it again just to support yall! Thank you for making an awesome game.


this game is amazing! i loved it and i'm definitely going to play it again. i hope the other DLC comes out soon. i don't think i've ever disliked a game by christine love, and christa lee soundtracks are incredible. my only qualm is that i would love a new game plus option (i'm a dingus who didn't get the OP DLC weapons until after i finished the main game. oops.)

5 stars, Wonderful.

This is fucking wonderful congradulations :)

christine why no playstation or at least generic nintendo style button prompts i finally have time to sit down and play this after finalizing the divorce and there's only xbox prompts which i cannot use at all :(

Can you tell me a little more about your controller and platform? It should support PlayStation button prompts, they're what I use myself when developing, so it sounds like you're hitting a bug somewhere.

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Oh how bizarre. I am using a DS4 connected directly to bluetooth and NOT using ds4win/etc, just steam connecting directly and recognizing it as a DS4. I do, however, have the big picture mode settings such where xbox controller support and the advanced support is also enabled (required for things like elden ring that have no native ds4 support) so I'm guessing the game is taking that option first?

Ah, okay, I see! What happens if you run the game without Steam—does it pick it up correctly in that case?


I had this problem and disabling the "PlayStation Configuration Support" in steam fixed the prompts. Easy enough but I'd rather not disable that if I don't have to tbh, it lets me make my controller's LED pink!

I love this game, but have been having trouble loading up the game lately. It stays on the loading screen when I open it, and the game used to load quickly for me. I've been playing the itch io version of the game and have this problem, I also tried the Steam version but the loading screen is stuck with the Steam version too. Is there anything I can do to fix this? I play on Windows by the way. Thank you for making such a great game, and I'd love to fix this issue so I can keep playing it!

I'm sorry about that! If you could send an email to with a little more detail I can look into this—is this loading a save file, or at game launch? If the latter, does it show anything on screen? And is this with or without DLC installed?

hey, thank you for making this! it's been a really good time to play. i was just wondering—in the act 4 intro, the game played no voiceover to match the subtitles in the introduction. this was also the case for the subtitles during the fights in the battle of the boardwalk dlc, which i played after beginning act 4. were no voices recorded for those sections, or was that a bug? i've been loving the radio messages and stuff, so i was curious!

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This is definitely a bug, I'm sorry to hear this! Did this happen in any of the other acts, or just the DLC and Act 4? And do you remember during which act you played the DLC?

Also, sorry to ask the obvious, but are you sure you don't have SFX muted on the options screen?

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it was just in those two acts, and i started the dlc directly after entering act 4! (it seemed like a good point emotionally.) i just checked to make sure and i haven't touched the sfx slider at all--it's still at 7/10 bars.

if it's relevant, i'm playing on windows 10! also, i installed the dlc somewhere in the middle of act 3, if i remember correctly.

Thanks—that's very bizarre! Do you happen to have a save file from before you either started act 4 or the DLC? If so, that could be really helpful!

Anyway, thanks for the report, I appreciate it. I'll look into this!

thanks so much for your prompt response! unfortunately i don't have any saves from act 3 or earlier, sorry.

No worries, thanks anyway!



Your game looks like pretty cool, the only problem is that i play on android ! 

If you make an android Version, i'll buy it ! 


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they look good yes


Thanks for message :) just in case you haven't tried it there is a good android gameboy emulator called John GBC that I use myself to play this an other games on my phone. (i think it has a free version) as for a full android port; it is something I could do but am struggling to find time for projects at the moment so its not likely at this time.


Can't believe I'm playing this for free


the soundtrack is fucking great.  i love the combat system. the story and the characters are great. i think what they did in act 3 with Sam is one of my favorite things about the game. the only things I didn't like was that sometimes the fights can feel a little tedious and also there's no auto save.


Thanks! And sorry you missed the autosaves—they have their own page, to the left of page 1 of save files.


This art is so good it hurts.


Two little things, first I really liked the game, although I'm half way through it (I guess half is 6 hours) it's a nice experience, the art (beautiful colors) and the story so original with characters that I like. 

Second, I found out that it has a free version on steam, what will happen with the achievements, I have some progress, as soon as I load my game I will jump several achievements?


Any achievements you've qualified for (you can see which ones in the "feats" menu) will trigger automatically in Steam after a short period of the time playing.


One of the rare gems, the has both heart and polish- this game is a delight all the way through and you'd be MISSING the hell out if you pass this one by! The base game is free!!!

The visuals are gorgeous, bright and charming, the main designs land in the sweet spot of both cartoony and HOT, and the npcs occupy a full range in-between.

The music tracks are all a delight- retro JRPG vibes, and the battle music SLAPS- looping delightfully into the characters conversation about how they will be remember, and the game own nostalgic undertones.

The writing feels like well...a big gay road trip- it's fun and silly and I LOVE IT. 

The combat is by far the most polarizing part of the game. It's weird remix of JRPG 'ATB' cooldowns and caught me off guard a bit. i was very much expecting a more turn-based system. Act 2/3 (when the elements get introduced) was extremely confusing. And more than a few of the boss battle had me brute forcing my way through them. But we did- because if there's one boss in all of videos I am NOT going to let get the best of me- it's the one at the end of Act 3.

Overall? The game is a delight. And you should grab it!


I don't know anything about this game yet but the title sold me


"Get in the car loser , we're going shopping ." - Regina George


It took me a while to get to, but man oh man, you've really killed it here. I am glad I waited - the Lore Bible is a really helpful feature for me and my urge to collect goddamn every little snippet. Without meaning to put any pressure on you and recognizing that you've worked your butt off on this the last few years, good lord, I am so desperate for more of this. Well done, genius girl.

I do think I've got some kind of bug/unfortunate-brain-itch as a result of grabbing DLC1-1's travel stamp before ACT2's travel stamp, but didn't realize it until I was in ACT3 - is there a workaround? (Psst is there somewhere else I should drop this?)


Sorry about the bug! Can you send more details about what the screen looks like now and during which act you played the DLC during to Thanks!


sam is friggin hot, that's it, that's the post


Charmingly written with a clever combat system. I do find myself frequently wishing for more combat options, however (a small variety of area of effect attacks in particular would be a godsend). With the limited spread of combat actions, the battles grow kind of stale and I find myself dodging fights in the hopes that maybe we'll get to have another conversation instead. But heck do I love hanging out and flirting with my friends. Flirting is the best.

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Love it! If you've enjoyed Christine Love's other games, definitely give this a look. If you haven't played any others... definitely give this a look. I was worried about the battle system but it's super fun and clever and gives you the feeling of being a genius when it's going well. Heartfelt, funny, cute, music slaps, etc, etc. And the DLC rules!

e: yeah I guess it is a final fantasy for fans and newcomers alike


I just wanted to let you know that I noticed you included "it fucking sucks" for every single enemy description and it gets funnier every time, thanks


I love this game!! its so fun and Im having a blast :]

Im playing in the steam version and I think I got soft locked though, Im in chapter 3 just before the battle against Sam's anxieties and I was about to fight but instead I saved and exited the game bc I had to go do something, I cant start the fight or get out of there, the music isn't even playing and I don't have any other save file (which is on me sorry) I don't want to have to restart since the beggining what do I do?


I'm sorry, this is a known bug that was fixed in a previous update. You should be able to reload from an autosave file right before that fight, though—please let me know at if you still have any problems!



I truly adore this game I would've been so upset if it didn't work, thank you sm :D


well, its not for me tho, game looks good, but too much elements at the one moment, seems hard to play



I still don't know what folder to install my DLC into so that it will be detected by the game, halp


Please place the .bundle file in the same directory as either the app on Mac, or the .exe file on Windows. You can contact if you're still having trouble.


oh my god, it's finally here!!!

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