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I love Valentin and I want to be them

Yes, I know the game is not out yet.


so pumped for this game!!!!


please. i need this. i have waited so long


vibrating with disastrous sapphic energy in anticipation for this game 

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the bullet point says “Girls. Just... girls... you know...???” does this mean Val identifies as a girl (they’re described as a boyfriend), or are you just being unintentionally cis-normative?


No, Valentin is not a girl. They’re non-binary!






Woah that looks like new screenshots. Bio-synthetic TRex monster. Cool


so excited for this!


is this still coming


It's still in development, but we're very far along—it'll be out later this year!


Thanks for letting me know, im so pumped for the release!


gosh, girls really are great


The description for Angela has me curious from a game-design perspective – does "a completely average fighter by intent" mean (assuming generic JRPG-type combat mechanics):

- She's got less defense than the sturdy party members and more than the fragile ones, vice-versa for offense, and mechanically works in basically the same way as the other characters just with middle-of-the-road set of starting numbers and abilities?

- Instead of normal stat gains by levels/gear/whatever, she's always got her stats at exactly the average of the rest of the party?

- Purely narrative, and she's actually just as specialized as everyone else?


All the progression in the game is equipment-based! So stats-wise she's just locked to whatever items are available at that point in the game. However, her battle abilities are well-rounded by design, as opposed to being specialized—she's the only character who doesn't have any unique abilities, but she's also the only character who can both build the stagger bar _and_ exploit it.


Ah, okay. Option one, more or less; that makes sense. i don't know what the "stagger bar is" beyond reasonably inferences, but that sounds pretty neat.

I was just thinking in terms of "she's deliberately pulling her punches to stay average, so maybe that means she doesn't gain power like the other characters who presumably can't just decide to hit twice as hard if they feel like it." Speculation getting ahead of facts.


This disaster lesbian is excite af


Looks great, as ever!


Looks great!!! i'll look forward it 👌👀👀❤

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