Minor bugfix update

This update fixes the following issues: 

  • Previously, it was possible to create a save file in the act 3 boss's special minishrine which would prevent any further progress from being made. It should no longer be possible to save in this location. If you already have a save file in this location, please restore from an autosave immediately to avoid losing progress. (Normal minishrines are not affected.)
  • Similarly, an issue where saving during the GasLINE tutorial could cause issues.
  • Using Zantetsuken during the act 3 boss fight would prevent the player from being able to pause for the rest of the fight.
  • 2X Ravage now deals the correct amount of damage.
  • Saviour/Phoenix now no longer last after battle.
  • It was possible to skip Jill's introduction in Battle on the Big Boardwalk.
  • Multiversal Librarian achievement did not trigger correctly.

If you encounter any of these issues still, please let me know with an email to support@loveconquersallgames.com right away and I'll look into it!


getinthecarloser-mac-universal.zip 316 MB
Version Sep 26, 2021
getinthecarloser-windows-x64.zip 317 MB
Version Sep 26, 2021

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