Feature update

This update adds a new feature accessible at any point in the game: the LORE BIBLE, which can be found in the menu to show any road story you've ever unlocked, even if you don't have the item currently in your inventory!

Additionally, the following issues have been addressed:

  • Using "A Knife" in battle could crash if used on a dying enemy.
  • Xbox Series controllers should now work correctly on macOS.
  • Holding onto a Zantetsuken charge for the entirety of the fight with Jill could cause an issue when used during the final phase.
  • Using "try again" during the Machine Devil fight could sometimes not reset the music on certain phases.
  • Fixed a memory leak involving certain full screen animations.
  • Expression sprites now interact correctly with the save system. Before, sometimes outfits wouldn't be updated correctly on conversation sprites.
  • It should not be possible to save in the fake Act III minishrine that appears after the boss warning banner. Previously, there was a way to accidentally get around this check, but it should now be impossible. Please note that if you have a save file in this map, you'll have to reload from an autosave.
  • Stamps should only become available once you've entered the new area. Before, it was possible to get them in the interstitial between the previous boss fight and the start of the new act.
  • A rendering error on Erox vines in the DLC chapter has been fixed.
  • It was possible to crash the game by pausing right before a cutscene during the final boss fight. This has now been fixed.
  • The continuous splash SFX of Salamanders no longer plays if the game is paused.
  • You can no longer avoid ending the Taunt Burst's invincibility portion by keeping the taunt timer going indefinitely—the taunt effect will continue, but the invincibility will only last as long as the initial timer. In other words, Val will no longer be immortal if you use Lockdown immediately after Taunt Burst (although it's still a pretty effective strategy).
  • Devil Clock no longer ticks during story segments.
  • A visual glitch where opening the menu during a gacha pull would cause the screen to be permanently torn has been fixed.
  • A rendering error while using Zantetsuken on an enemy while the Devil Clock is visible has been fixed.
  • A rendering error with images that are part of ability names on items has been fixed.
  • Field guides are no longer logged.
  • You can no longer revive a party member during the period between the entire party dying and the Game Over screen appearing.

If you encounter any of these issues still, please let me know with an email to support@loveconquersallgames.com right away and I'll look into it!


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Version Nov 05, 2021
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Version Nov 05, 2021

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The new lore library feature is so amazingly welcome, thank you so much.