Feature update

It's hard to believe it's been half a year since the game launched! This is a real big update of things we've wanted to address for a while now.

First off, the following feature has been added: the BATTLE INVENTORY! Now, instead of a giant unwieldy unsorted list of items in battle, you can pick up to five items that you can select in battle at any time. This also means you'll never have to worry about accidentally using up items you need to heal as upgrade fodder. To compensate for no longer being able to spam 100 knives in a single battle, we've also added the Prayer on the Wind, a special item that gives the whole party a temporary boost that replenishes at the end of each battle. Use items strategically to end battles faster!

This update also adds another small in-game feature: IN-GAME HELP! Not sure how damage scaling works? Wondering why you can't unlock any new items? Just check the help pages for answers to the most commonly asked questions about GITCL's admittedly unconventional systems!

The following balance changes have been made, especially in Act I:

  • Increased diversity of mandatory encounters in Act I, so it's not just the same Wrong Dolphin + Supporter fight repeatedly.
  • Adjusted the lane filling mechanism in Act I to make it so if you want to do extra fights to gain more money, you'll have to change lanes and go looking for them.
  • Increased Act I rewards across the board to make slightly fewer fights necessary to keep up with gas costs.
  • Modified the spoils curve for the entire game, so that you now get rewarded with even more gas points by defeating enemies of a higher rank than yours.
  • The game now more aggressively warns when you're healing an enemy by hitting it with its own element, with an option to switch back to the previous behaviour in the options menu.

Finally, the following issues have been addressed:

  • Sometimes, the radio interstitial audio wouldn't play between acts. This should be fixed now, but if you encounter an act transition where the radio is silent, please let me know!
  • A bug where you could press confirm on the DLC act transition and skip dialogue as a result.
  • Enemies with no spawn animations (ie, bosses and certain miniboss encounters) will have outlines even after the Slow effect wears off.
  • The game forgets which slot is selected every time you close the save/load screen.
  • "Rewind to Shrine" plays wrong music in DLC.
  • Previously, the game would crash if it encountered a persistent save file that was damaged. It will now attempt to recover.
  • "Death at the Door" would track its progress incorrectly if completed in Act III or later.
  • Bounty displayed changes on mandatory Devil Clock fights on road when you toggle the optional Devil Clock on and off. (The actual reward was always the same, it was just a display bug.)
  • Stagger doesn't trigger if you open a selection menu in "WAIT" mode right before the effect should kick in.
  • Requests can still appear on the road again even if they've already been beaten.
  • Abilities that target party members could say "UNABLE TO TARGET" if the enemy is untargetable, under some circumstances.
  • Starting a new game would play the last road music from your play session, not the Act I music.
  • Under certain obscure circumstances, boost could last beyond a single fight.
  • Under certain obscure circumstances, the kill flash could persist forever, even after battle.
  • When checking an attack with multiple elements to see if it should heal or do extra damage, it would check healing first. Now, if you hit an enemy with both its weakness and its own element, the the weakness will take priority.
  • Various obscure crashes have been fixed.

If you encounter any of these issues still, please let me know with an email to support@loveconquersallgames.com right away and I'll look into it!


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Version Apr 13, 2022
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Version Apr 13, 2022

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