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DLC for Get in the Car, Loser!, requires ownership of the base game to play.

Every 976 years, the heavens pick one warrior to hear the calling and use the Sword of Fate to seal away the Machine Devil. Emily Harmless used to be an activist, a librarian, and a scholar... but she had to put that all aside when she was chosen as that warrior. Is there any hope for her to find peace in the burning ruins of her world after carrying out the heavens’ mission?



Emily Harmless. Battle Specialty: Fate. She/her. Activist, scholar, master's degree in library science, and the current wielder of the Sword of Fate (as chosen by the heavens). The fight against evil might be exhausting, but the last time she got a full night's sleep was back in undergrad anyway. Is there anyone alive who hasn't seen at least part of her world-spanning battle? Wrote her thesis on how libraries can be used to uplift different parts of the community, but is now dedicated to direct action in the form of BIG STAGGER DAMAGE.Prince Sam Under Heaven. Battle Specialty: Exploit/Ravage. He/him. The heir to the throne of the Kingdom Under Heaven, your new goth boyfriend, and a man who knows loss. He might not be able to remember how he got dragged into this battle anymore (it's because he's in love with Emily and her courage) but he's still trying his best after all these years. The all-rounder of the party. Catch him hollering at the Machine Devil about how the void belongs to EVERYONE.Jo of the Mountain. She/her. The Machine Devil still lives on in the guise of Jo! Your harrowing, your heartbreak, your horror. No matter what she may have been before, there's naught else left in this vacant vessel save for a reminder that all that you love can be perverted by evil. Who is Jo of the Mountain and how can she be buried for good?


  • Two new temporary party members, Emily and Prince Sam, with new mechanics and new strategies! Emily's Sword of Fate requires you to build up the special Fate Meter to use, but is powerful enough to stagger a boss instantly with a fully charged meter!
  • New allies, new enemies! Fight five new enemy types that require all new strategies in random encounters, then challenge three new bosses!
  • Can't you hear it ring? OUR REMIX OF THE SPIRIT OF THE TIMES! Mix it up with an expanded soundtrack, including two new battle music bangers!
  • An all new progression system—will the party manage to escape the cruel light of the Adversarial Zodiac to regain their power in this burning world? Plus, three all new items that unlock the story of the fallen hero Jo of the Mountain!
  • The story continues here in our longest chapter yet! Angela must face tough truths about the theology that governs all worlds, and Grace Morningstar meets her hero Emily Harmless. Only the fate of another world can tell us about the fight that lies ahead in our own!

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Is this going to be uploaded to Steam for that version's release? :)


Definitely! The Steam page is already up, so you can even wishlist it there if you'd like!

I am unreasonably excited for this to release!